Production - Twin Sheet

The Twin Sheet system offers a forming area of 2,600 x 1,400 millimetres. This method allows greater degrees of design freedom. 

The following areas of application are possible:

  • Double-walled part carriers for heavy components
  • Different material colours on the inside and outside of the parts
  • Lightweight components made of fibre-reinforced thermoplastics with high

Special features:

  • High-pressure thermoforming
  • Compression moulding of composite materials
  • Processing of fibre-reinforced plastics and organic sheets
AL-KO Twin Sheet Parob

Twin Sheet Parob



AL-KO Twin Sheet Parob in cross-section

Twin Sheet Parob in cross-section



Operation of the machine

At the thermoforming machine



Production by AL-KO Plast GmbH

AL-KO Plast GmbH produces mouldings of technical polymers in a holistic process extending from the development of the products through to the manufacturing.


Optimum logistics also forms part of the AL-KO Plast GmbH production process. Thanks to our project management system, efficient order handling is guaranteed from order acceptance through to delivery.