ESD container

Tray for servomotor

ESD (Electrostatic Discharge) describes the process and the effect during the equalisation of electric charges between two objects – in conjunction with electronic components. The requirement imposed on the corresponding containers is primarily to protect the electronic components being transported from damage due to brief yet high voltage and current peaks. 

AL-KO Kunststofftechnik works closely with customers, raw materials producers and external testing institutions in this field. The intensive collaboration between these partners forms the basis and guarantee for creating safe packaging.

Years of experience in the procurement and processing of electrically conductive materials, specially trained personnel and the measuring instruments available guarantee that these projects run smoothly and that the individual containers are properly certified.  

Material example electrically conductive polystyrene: A contemporary material, precisely tuned to be used for your special requirements. The tiered conductivities are achieved through the addition of carbon black and/or graphite. The values are controlled in-house directly on the processed part.



ESD symbol