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AL-KO Vario X

New AL-KO Vario X chassis: Impresses with its lightness

Inspired by nature: Up to 30 percent less chassis weight without compromising on stiffness

Vario X: Light, innovative, stable, sustainable, economical. With AL-KO’s new lightweight concept for caravans, the vehicle technology specialist has achieved an absolute coup: The bionic design is made possible by a maximum lightweight steel construction. The benefit: Weight savings of up to 30 percent thanks to the frame parts of the chassis. This offers scope for possibilities: Increased payload, higher efficiency, greater sustainability.

"We were looking for a chassis solution that would allow even more payload by reducing the weight – while maintaining the same stiffness, of course. We have tested various lightweight construction strategies and materials. In the end, steel proved to be ideal in terms of weight, economy and stability. The result is our Vario X chassis that perfectly combines state-of-the-art technology with intelligent designs from nature", explains Dr. Frank Sager, Head of Technical Development at AL-KO Vehicle Technology.

After numerous experiments, test drives, analyses and simulation-based development, a supporting structure with a modern, slimline look was created, which is oriented to the ‘construction method’ of nature. Thanks to the honeycomb construction, it is possible to save up to 35 kilogrammes on the chassis, depending on the size and permissible total weight of the caravan.

"With Vario X, we are providing the market with another first-class product that meets our high standards of comfort, safety and lightweight construction. At the same time, Vario X is a milestone on the way to even lighter caravans. This means that either the end customer can carry more or the manufacturer can use the weight reduction to increase the comfort features", says Mirko Trefzer, Head of Sales and Marketing at AL-KO Vehicle Technology.

In spite of the convincing lightness, the overall stiffness, safety, comfort and durability correspond to the usual AL-KO quality without restrictions. Existing AL-KO accessories such as supports and shunting drive can also be combined with Vario X without any problem. The service options for the end customer – such as additional load, repair or frame replacement – also remain unchanged.

New AL-KO Vario X chassis: Impresses with its lightness