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Always on track with AL-KO ATC

Always on track with AL-KO ATC

Anti snaking system now also available for trailers up to 3.5 tonness – 2LINK connectivity system brings sensors into the trailer – Greater driving safety through permanent monitoring of tyre pressure and brake pad wear

Which lorry trailer combination driver isn't familiar with the situation? Small evasive manoeuvres, crosswinds on bridges or wind pressure during overtaking can quickly cause a trailer to roll. AL-KO Vehicle Technology has an effective solution to this problem: the AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC) anti snaking system that gently brakes the light commercial trailer and puts it back on track. The emergency system has been tried and tested in caravans for more than 10 years and has now been installed more than 200,000 times throughout Europe. The ATC is already standard equipment for many caravan manufacturers. Now commercial trailers can also benefit from this safety technology. Precondition: The weight of the trailer must always lie within a clearly defined range. This applies, for example, to many trailerable construction machines and trailers such as compressors, as well as to autolifts, generators, mobile inclined lifts, ladders and trailer cranes. The ATC is also suitable for other special trailers, trailers with construction containers or traffic control trailers.

The ATC sensors are designed for a fixed defined weight range of the trailer where this window should be as small as possible. The various ATC versions are precisely tailored to the actual gross weight of the trailer (750 kilograms to 3,500 kilograms). The ATC permanently controls the driving properties of the trailer. Sensors detect the slightest lateral movement and lateral acceleration, even before a stabilisation program for trailers in the towing vehicle can register the oscillating movement. In critical driving situations that cause the trailer to snake, the ATC electronic controls react automatically: If the typical oscillation periods and oscillation characteristics occur, the trailer brake is immediately activated by the servomotor and the vehicle combination is gently braked. A braking power of a few seconds is sufficient to stretch the vehicle combination and restore a safe driving condition. Because the ATC sits directly on the axle and acts via the brake rod, no intervention in the overrun device is required. The ATC sensors, the electronic controls and the servomotor for the brake intervention are housed in a compact, robust and splash-proof housing. This is fixed to the axle, coupled to the trailer brake and connected to the on-board electrical system of the trailer.

The new AL-KO 2LINK connectivity system is a perfect complement to AL-KO Trailer Control and is currently being expanded to include additional sensors. The tyre pressure can now be automatically monitored electronically and displayed directly on a smartphone. In addition to the ATC status display and the electronic spirit level for levelling the trailer, this is now the third function that offers even greater safety and comfort when using the trailer. Optimum tyre pressure has a major influence on economy in terms of fuel consumption and tyre wear – and, above all, on driving safety. The new AL-KO Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) in combination with AL-KO 2LINK makes it possible to always keep an eye on the tyre pressure on the smartphone while driving and thus to detect any pressure loss at an early stage. Because the right tyre pressure is the basis for optimum driving properties.

The sensor of the AL-KO TPMS is mounted directly on the rim instead of a standard valve. Installation of the 2LINK, including installation and teach-in of the sensors, is possible at any trained AL-KO service point, at an authorised caravan dealer and in any AL-KO customer centre. The basis of the transfer is the AL-KO 2LINK box that sends the data from the internal tyre pressure sensor to the smartphone via Bluetooth. There, the tyre pressure is displayed in the AL-KO 2LINK app, which can be downloaded free of charge for current Apple and Android smartphones. The new AL-KO tyre pressure monitoring system is available from a price of 249 euros (plus installation).

The AL-KO "safety package" for trailers presented at bauma 2019 is being supplemented by the new AL-KO Brake Pad Wear Sensor (BPWS). Soon available for OEMs, the BPWS can be used as an additional function for the AAA Premium Brake and is suitable for brake pads of type 2051.

Further details will be available from 8th to 14th April, 2019 at the AL-KO Vehicle Technology stand at bauma 2019 in Munich (Hall B4, Stand 436).

Always on track with AL-KO ATC