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Top of the range driving comfort: Full air suspension from AL-KO 

Fully automatic air suspension from AL-KO

AL-KO air suspension systems are fully automatic. The spring power automatically adapts itself to the load and driving situation. Driving comfort is sustainably increased by the adjusted absorption and the vehicle’s cornering improved. Unpleasant vehicle rocking is reliably prevented.

Advantages of automatic full air suspension at a glance:

  • Constant driving level due to the automated adjustment, regardless of the load
  • Highly efficient spring system minimises the load for vehicle components such as axles, tyres and body
  • Large adjustment track for flexible adjustment
  • A range of functions, including: for lifting, lowering, sideways tilt and off-road driving
  • Durable maintenance-free use
  • Suitable for vehicles with ESP​

You can conveniently control the various functions of the full air suspension with one control unit. Operation is particularly easy thanks to clear and user-friendly key assignment. The air suspension can be controlled at the push of a button, for example to compensate for height differences on parking places.

AL-KO air suspension in practice

AL-KO air suspension can be converted in two different ways: either for the rear axle alone, or both for the front and rear axles. The Air Premium X2 system is equally effective for chassis with a single or double rear axle. With the Air Premium X4 system all wheels have air suspension. Due to this nearly all shocks and vibrations are largely absorbed, which not only increases driving comfort but also means that (living) superstructures, furniture and loads can be more gently transported. Thus the full air suspension helps to lower repair costs and contributes to the vehicle’s greater value retention.

The X4 Air Premium air suspension for all wheels, in particular offers maximum comfort in numerous situations. Motorhomes, for example, can be levelled out at the touch of a button on uneven parking spaces. It is therefore no longer necessary to fit chocks, which is a cumbersome task. In addition, thanks to the flexibly adjustable gradient angle, ramps can be driven over without problems and the lateral tilt of the vehicle speeds up emptying of the wastewater tank.

You also have the option of equipping AL-KO rear axles with the Air Plus system. The airbags can be specifically controlled and operated from the driver’s cab. In this way you can manually adjust the gradient angle of the vehicle according to the load and road conditions. Even often problematic courtyard entrances can be overcome without getting out, by carefully setting the gradient angle. The system drive is maintenance-free.

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