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Additional air suspension: brings everything back to the horizontal

Suspension for AL-KO chassis: the Air Plus air suspension

For motorhomes and commercial vehicles AL-KO’s additional air suspension increases driving comfort and stability and ensures more ground clearance. The springs also prevent the rear end from lowering as the vehicle ages. We offer the right solutions for AL-KO chassis.

Advantages of Air Plus air suspension at a glance:

The air bags of the Air Plus air suspension take on 33 per cent of suspension tasks after installation. To do this the existing spring must be modified. Using a manual control in the driver’s cab, the driver adjusts the air pressure of each spring bag according to the 2-circuit air suspension system, to the load and road conditions. Ground clearance and gradient angle can thus be easily adjusted.

  • More ground clearance and improved gradient angle
  • Manual lifting and lowering of the vehicle’s level on the rear axle (2-circuit air suspension system)
  • Air bag pressure is regulated through the control panel in the driver’s cab
  • Required for additional payload increase

Additional air springs restore the usual driving comfort.

The body of caravans, commercial and other specialist vehicles are exposed to permanent stress through heavily fluctuating load distribution, heavy installations and equipment. The spring systems installed as standard quickly reach their limits. They lose tension under constant load and the body no longer meets expectations. Even after a few months a vehicle can lose comfort and driving safety through this.

Forces and vibrations that act on the rear-axle suspension, can be enormous depending on the area of application. It does not matter whether it’s a load carrier, a rear garage or a generally large rear overhang. The rear axle suspension has to withstand quite a bit of weight, which can lead to fatigue in the spring steel and sagging of the rear axle.

The spring work can no longer be done by the built-in spring system. The solution is additional air springs from AL-KO. These raise the rear of the vehicle again and provide greater safety and comfort to the body.

Retrofit additional air springs

The AL-KO additional air spring systems are retrofittable. Be competently advised on site by our service centres. Fully automatic full air suspension from AL-KO is an alternative to manual spring systems. The spring power adjusts automatically to the load and driving situation.

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