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bauma 2019: AL-KO presents innovations and proven products for the construction sector

AL-KO Vehicle Technology will once again be in attendance at this year’s bauma – the leading international trade show for the construction sector in Munich – with a varied range of products. From 08 to 14 April 2019, AL-KO will be exhibiting new and proven chassis solutions and components that make using light commercial vehicles and trailers in everyday commercial use more safe, more comfortable and more cost-effective. Given below is an overview of the most important topics and products that will be on show at the AL-KO Vehicle Technology trade show booth.

ATC fOr Commercial trailers

The AL-KO Trailer Control (ATC) anti-snaking system gently brakes trailers in the event of an evasive manoeuvre, when overtaking or against side winds and quickly moves the vehicle combination back into the track. The proven system was previously in use for caravans and commercial trailers up to 2.8 tonnes, and with immediate effect commercial trailers with a gross weight of up to 3.5 tonnes can also profit from safety technology.

The ATC, comprising sensors, electronic controls and actuator, is mounted directly onto the axle in a compact, spraywater-protected housing and is connected to the trailer brake as well as existing trailer onboard electronics. This means the ATC can continuously monitor the driving properties of the trailer and therefore respond to even the smallest sideways movements and lateral accelerations of the trailer. If the trailer starts to swing, the ATC automatically activates the trailer brake via the actuator. A short press of the brake is all that is needed to stabilise the vehicle combination and restore safe driving condition. The ATC sensors are designed for a permanently defined weight corridor of the trailer, in other words a small weight difference between the laden and unladen conditions, and is suitable for many towable construction machines and trailers, such as lifting platforms, compressors, lighting system trailers or traffic light system trailers.

To increase the safety of your journey with a trailer even further, AL-KO now offers the AL-KO Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS). The tyre pressure is a key safety aspect as it affects the driving, cornering and braking responses. In combination with the connectivity system, AL-KO 2LINK, you can continuously keep an eye on the tyre pressure using your smartphone and you can respond quickly in the event of a loss in pressure. Being on the move with the correct tyre pressure, also provides financial benefits: it saves fuel costs and achieves lower tyre wear.

The AL-KO „safety package“ for drivers and trailers presented at bauma 2019 is supplemented by AL-KO Brake Pad Wear Sensor (BPWS); a monitoring system for the wear status of brake pads. To allow you to respond optimally to the brake wear and therefore avoid consequential damage, the BPWS sensors use the 2LINK system to send a notification to your smartphone once the brake pads have reached the wear limit. The BPWS, which will soon be available for OEM, can be used as an add-on function for the AAA Premium Brake and is suitable for type 2051 brake pads. The 2LINK app facilitates simple and uncomplicated operation.



Considerable attention has also been paid by AL-KO Vehicle Technology this year to the precise manoeuvring of commercially used trailers. With the manoeuvring system MAMMUT CTRAIL for mono-axles up to a maximum of 2.5 tonnes, AL-KO provides a multi-award winning, powerful solution for original equipment. Thanks to the MAMMUT CTRAIL manoeuvring drive, trailers with a gross weight of up to 2.5 tonnes can also travel easily and in minimal space. Even a 360 degree turn on the spot is possible. The system can be operated intuitively via a joystick, permitting smooth, centimetre-accurate positioning without any third party assistance. The manoeuvring system can be individually adapted to virtually any trailer, including to various construction site trailers, for example.

The system of between 32 and 84 kilogrammes in weight guarantees optimum contact pressure thanks to electrically controlled adjustment of the rollers to the wheels, and can handle obstacles of up to four centimetres in height. Single axle trailer gradients of up to 28 percent can also be overcome. The corresponding remote control provides information on the corresponding system status: display of the roller position, overload, voltage and temperature. A safety system with activation via magnetic switch on the overrun device ensures that the drive is not activated accidentally.


anti-theft devices

A new innovation on the AL-KO trade show booth will be the first and currently the only country-specific tested anti-theft device available on the market for the AK 161 and AK 270 coupling heads. It also meets the highest international safety standards such as the criteria of the „Sold Secure Gold standard“ in Great Britain, the Swedish „SBSC tested“ as well as the Dutch „SCM tested“ seals. The anti-theft device can be used both in stationary and driving modes, and is supplied with two keys. AL-KO Safety is available from the third quarter of 2019.

In addition, AL-KO Safety for the AK 161/AK 270 coupling head, the Safety Premium also meets the above-mentioned safety requirements. The sturdy steel construction with powder-coated housing and a solid galvanised bolt (free of chromium(VI)) is supplied with two keys.

An additional bonus in terms of anti-theft protection is provided by the Safety Ball. This provides additional functionality to the AL-KO anti-theft devices in stationary operation. The hard plastic safety catch drops into the coupling heads when uncoupled and prevents the spherical head engaging, thus also preventing unauthorised coupling.

At bauma you will also be able to find out about the benefits of the Winterhoff Safety Box that secures your uncoupled trailer against rapid unscrewing of the hitch. The Safety Box is supplied with a high-quality stainless steel Diskus padlock and is especially easy to use.


Axle range

As an expert in trailer axles, AL-KO has the right axle for every need, and this is also reflected in this year’s exhibition booth at bauma. Discover a huge range of axles with various suspension systems using individual components designed to work together perfectly according to the application and weight range. The various axle components are equipped with permanent corrosion protection. The axle bodies are hot-dip galvanised, and other components such as brake back plates are galvanised. The brake pads, consisting exclusively of asbestos-free materials, offer high load capacities and corrosion resistance.

The axles from AL-KO given below conform to all requirements of the latest vehicle technology and differ in terms of driving comfort and safety. The evaluation of both components incorporates both the travel and smoothness of the suspension affecting driving comfort, and the inherent damping that represents driving stability.

square braked axles  (Swing rubber suspension axles)

Range: EA 850/1050/1350/1500/1800/2000/2500/3000 kg


Braked axles with hexagonal rubber suspension

Range: EA 750/1000/1350/1500/1600/1800/2000/2500/3000/3500 kg

The braked axles with hexagonal rubber suspension are supplied with PROFI LONGLIFE axle Bowden cables as standard. As an option, a watertight bearing, AAA automatic brake adjustment and wheel brake flushing system can be added to the order.

braked straight axles with leaf suspension 

Range: EA 1500/1800 kg

The braked straight axles with leaf suspension are also equipped with PROFI LONGLIFE axle Bowden cables as standard. A watertight bearing, AAA automatic brake adjustment and a wheel brake flushing system are also available as options here.

braxed axles with steel suspension (rondo torsion bar axles)

Range: 1050/1350/1500/1800/2100/2500/3000/3500


axles for trailers with pneumatic brakes

The axles for trailers with pneumatic brakes have a brake drum with sensor wheel spline profile for reducing the rotary movement and a brake back plate with pressed-in bush for the hydraulic brake system sensor.

Range: Hexagonal rubber suspension EA 1800/3000 kg, TA 3500/5000/6000 kg, Tridem 4300/5400 kg
Steel spring EA 4000 kg, TA 7500 kg


braxed axles with drive

In the case of braked axles with drive, the trailer is independent from the towing vehicle, meaning that no PTO connection is required on the towing vehicle. The wheel brake left cpl. is pre-fitted with drive shaft (spline shaft profile: DIN ISO 14– 6 x 21 x 25).

Example applications for the braked axles with drive include gritter or cooling unit trailers because the rolling energy is converted into electricity via the drive shaft.


Hybrid Power Chassis

Of particular interest for municipal user groups and tradespersons are the options provided by the Hybrid Power Chassis concept study. The Hybrid Power Chassis is designed for light commercial vehicles and enables emission-free, all-electric driving and unreserved use of the internal combustion engine at the same time. The significant flexibility on the part of AL-KO Vehicle Technology means that customer-specific requirements in the field of municipal bodies can also be easily implemented using the Hybrid Power Chassis. This means that in the municipal sector, flatbed trucks, vans with shutters, refuse collectors, leaf collectors, box vehicles with tool cabinet, cherry-pickers, vehicles with irrigation systems or high-pressure cleaners are possible as bodies, for example.

The basis of the Hybrid Power Chassis is the variable AL-KO lightweight chassis which as a system carrier also permits the modular use of the battery packs and components and also offers a protective function for the batteries. As initial calculations show, the simultaneous use of the electric drive as well as the internal combustion engine can achieve a saving in fuel of up to 30 percent. Thanks to a powerful on-board charger, short charging times and adequate performance are guaranteed. Intermediate charging when loading or unloading the vehicle and during rest periods is possible at any time. Via recuperation, the system can supply vehicles with power and serve as a buffer when the vehicle comes to a standstill. This function can be used for an extremely broad range of applications. We would be delighted to discuss your individual requirements with you at bauma.

We look forward to meeting you at bauma 2019 on booth B4.436!

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