About AL-KO Vehicle Technology


From the village forge to a global corporation

Our roots were planted in a small village smithy in 1931, today AL-KO Vehicle Technology is a globally acting technology company with more than 40 sites in Europe, South America, Asia and Australia. A supplier of high quality chassis components for trailers, leisure vehicles and light commercial vehicles, AL-KO is synonymous with ergonomic and functional excellence, superb comfort as well as innovations to enhance road safety. The company is characterised by its sophisticated innovation processes and has received many awards in this sector. AL-KO Vehicle Technology and Dexter Axle have been combined under the holding company DexKo Global Inc. since 1 January 2016. This union, which created the world’s largest manufacturer of axles and chassis components in the light segment, is on an expansion course with its brands.


Strong brands – an important factor for innovation and growth

Our brands work actively in the trailer components sector of light commercial vehicles and motor homes, and the wide range of products offer the maximum of safety, ergonomics, comfort and innovation for vehicle manufacturers and owners. This allows the product range to grow and brings the quality standard of the products to a uniform level. We love quality. We live quality. And we have the right answer for virtually all transport requirements in our sector. Our way of differentiating products into "Basic", "Plus" and "Premium" provides each customer with the assurance of finding the AL-KO solution best suited to his individual requirements. AL-KO Vehicle Technology is safety and quality in one: From the product to delivery. With our strong brands, we are one of the designers of the mobile future.            


We're right where you need us

With more than 40 production sites and sales offices as well as roughly 1000 service stations around the world, our network guarantees constant presence and personal contact. Our sophisticated logistics network around the entire globe optimises our flow of goods and guarantees a global presence 'just-in-time'.

AL-KO quality and service is assured everywhere. You can count on that!